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中期选举初选在即 田纳西州共和党力推本党政治新星
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NGOP Announces First Featured Candidates for Red to the Roots Program

With One Month Until Early Voting, Republican Party Begins Highlighting Its Rising Stars

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—In many ways, 2014 has already been a banner year for the Tennessee Republican Party.

Chairman Chris Devaney developed a new staff model that put in place Regional Political Directors across the state to build up county parties and advise candidates, the TNGOP hired a statewide Engagement Director to build bridges for the Party in new and non-traditional Republican communities, and the Party has seen more candidates run for office as Republicans than ever before.

Today, with one month to go until early voting begins for the August election, the Party now takes the next step to make 2014 a historic year.

Chairman Devaney named State Representative Ryan Williams (R–Cookeville) as the Chair of Red to the Roots and, together, the two released the names of the first five Republicans to be “featured candidates” in the 2014 election cycle. These candidates have all met certain criteria for mobilizing support, engaging voters, and helping to build the Republican Party in their communities.

Devaney remarked, “Representative Williams has done an outstanding job as a legislator and as a dynamic leader for Putnam County. I’m proud he is leading our statewide effort to elect more Republicans. I believe these featured candidates will follow in his footsteps and I am proud to support such a talented and diverse group of leaders.”

Williams added, “2014 presents a tremendous opportunity to build on the momentum the Party has seen under Chairman Devaney’s leadership. We’ve highlighted these first five candidates because they are all committed to making a real difference in their communities–be it for jobs, safety, or equal protection of the law. They have each done a remarkable job listening to the concerns of voters and will do their part to build an opportunity society here in Tennessee where every individual has the chance to make their lives better.”

By being named Featured Candidates, the Tennessee Republican Party encourages supporters, donors, and activists to get behind these Republican nominees.


                             本报田纳西州纳什维尔市报道  对田纳西州的共和党来说, 2014这一年从很多方面来看都是标志性的一年。田纳西州共和党主席克里斯德瓦尼(Chris Devaney)主席建立了新的党内政治新星模式,在这个模式下,地区政治主管将前往各地,指导发展郡一级的政党成员,帮助共和党候选人竞选。田纳西共和党还设立了一位全国协调主管,以期与非传统共和党的支持区建立更多的联系。目前,该举措已初见成效,参加竞选的共和党人阵容/队伍比以往任何一届都要庞大(参加竞选的共和党人比以往任何一届都多)。这一项目起名为红色草根运动(Red To the Roots),并选出第一批有希望的政治明星。

    现在距离87日的初选(州级以上候选人)和郡市级的终极选举(General Election)只剩下一个多月了,田州共和党已经采取下一步措施,以确保2014年成为历史性的一年。近日,德瓦尼主席任命库克维尔地区的众议员瑞恩威廉姆斯为Red to the Roots项目主席。之后,两人还共同公布了共和党2014竞选阶段的首批五位“重点候选人”。这些候选人都具备动员选民、赢取广泛支持、在自己社区建立共和党大本营的能力。Red to the Roots项目旨在支持立法和司法领域具有新星意味的共和党候选人,同时帮助更多的共和党人当选郡一级和司法部门以及州立法部门的相关职位。2014年是田纳西州历史上共和党候选人最多的一年。


现任谢尔比郡的检察官、同时也是共和党候选人的艾米·魏里希(Amy Weirich – the current incumbent and Republican nominee for Shelby County District Attorney

22司法辖区的检察官候选人布伦特·库伯(第22司法辖区包括贾尔斯、劳伦斯、莫利和韦恩这四个郡)(Brent Cooper – the Republican nominee for District Attorney in the 22nd Judicial District (Giles, Lawrence, Maury, Wayne Counties)

沙利文郡地产契据登记官候选人希娜·拉姆齐·汀斯利(Sheena Ramsey Tinsley - the Republican nominee for Register of Deeds in Sullivan County

戴维森郡(纳什维尔地区)第53区众议员候选人约翰-王John Wang the Republican nominee for State House in the 53rd District (Davidson)这也是历史性地首次亚裔(华人)参加州议员候选人。

现任第24司法辖区的中级法庭法官共和党候选人卡玛·德尼丝·麦奇(第24司法辖区包括本顿、卡罗尔、迪卡特、哈丁、亨利这五个郡,Carma Dennis McGee – the incumbent and Republican nominee for Chancellor in the 24th Judicial District (Benton, Carroll, Decatur, Hardin, Henry Counties)



田纳西共和党希望支持者们、捐款人和党内活跃人士以及华人亚裔社区能全力支持这五位共和党候选人。(秋家 报道)






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